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metal finishing systems


Metal finishing systems are used to improve the corrosion resistance of metal, increase its durability, and enhanced metal electrical conductivity. Burt Process Equipment has been supplying engineered metal finishing systems for over forty-five years. Our modern manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art equipment in thermo-forming and fusion-welded plastic materials. Utilizing the latest in computer-aided design software and tooling, our engineering and production teams develop systems to meet your most demanding requirements.

Passivation-System-Metal Finishing System

Burt Process Equipment will supply individual system components or a complete turnkey system with a highly skilled project management team. Superior engineering coupled with high-quality system components has made Burt Process a leader in the metal finishing industry.

  • Modularized Electroplating Systems
  • Electroless Plating Tank Assemblies
  • Black Oxide Process Tanks and Accessories
  • Phosphate Coating Lines
  • Turnkey Project Installations
  • Plastic, Metal & Lined Tanks
  • PVC Exhaust Systems
  • Pump Transfer & Filtration Systems
  • Liquid Level & Temperature Controls
  • Secondary Containment Systems
  • Waste Minimization Systems
  • Catwalk, Mezzanines & Floor Grating

The metal finishing industry categorizes plating operations as electroless plating and electroplating. Electroplating is accomplished by passing an electric current through a solution that contains dissolved metal ions and the metal object that is to be plated. Electroless plating is the chemical disposition of a metal coating onto an object using chemical reactions instead of electricity.  Burt Process engineers design systems and components using anticorrosive and chemical-resistant materials and equipment resulting in efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Metal Finishing System
Metal Finishing System-Burt-Process

Case Study: Burt Process incorporates SIMONA Polypropylene and Kynar PVDF Sheet to develop an easy-to-maintain and clean, reliable Plastic Passivation Line. The customer's current system was outdated, unsafe, rusting, and difficult to work on. They needed a system that functioned in the same way but addressed all the current problems. Click HERE to read more.

Metal Finishing System by Burt Process Equipment

Passivation Line System Specs:

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Passivation System-Burt Process

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