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Continuous And Batch pH Adjustment Systems – Spec Master Series

ph-neutralization-ph-control-system-2-tanks Burt Process

Automated acid neutralization systems use pH adjustment chemicals and can process 2-12 pH range liquids with various flow rates. Burt Process has both continuous and batch treatment options, including designs for difficult to adjust waste streams.

Burt Process Equipment draws from more than 40 years of experience in fluid handling in the design of the Spec Master family of pH adjustment systems. This premiere series of pH neutralization system skids are engineered to meet the most demanding specifications for quality and performance. Our Spec Master BPSM units use components of the highest quality for optimal durability and reliability during a wastewater treatment process. They’re custom-built to your requirements and engineering specifications.

Our custom modifications are based on proven designs that conform to each customer’s application and corporate standards. All components we use in the Spec Master line of pH neutralization systems are “Best of Class.”

We have designed, engineered, installed, implemented and maintained Spec Master systems for many Fortune 500 businesses in the semiconductor, metal finishing, and pharmaceutical industries.

pH system's component materials & specifications:

  • Tanks: Heavy-duty, fusion-welded, steel-reinforced polypropylene standard
  • Mixers: High efficiency, low RPM, oversized bearings (100,000 L-10 hours) 316 SS wetted construction, standard TEFC motors with chemical duty, wash down, and hazardous duty options
  • Reagent Vessels: HDPE, XLPE, or fiberglass-reinforced as required
  • Probes: Double junction, high temperature extended life, with quick-change connections, available in submersion or retraction styles.
  • Controllers: Digital Microprocessor-Based PLC Nema 4X with Touchscreen control and SCADA/BMS/Cam interface
  • Skid Piping: Butt Fusion Welded Polypropylene or Solvent Welded PVC/CPVC standard, stainless steel, and PVDF available as options
  • Metering Pumps: Electronic, solenoid driven with proportional control and 100:1 turndown ration, include standard suction foot valve/strainer, multi-function discharge valve for pressure relief and priming, and injection check valve


What is wastewater treatment with the Spec Master family of pH adjustment systems? Our Spec Master units are custom designed to meet your company’s requirements. Available options include batch neutralization, dual and multi-stage neutralization, bulk chemical transfer for automatic reagent tank make-up and HMI/BMS/SCADA interface. We offer pH and flow monitoring as well as neutralization effluent recording. If gravity flow is not possible, we can design the equipment to use influent and effluent pump lift stations.

Every system is completely assembled and thoroughly tested before it’s shipped. We’ve built these systems with batch or continuous flow configuration for organizations that need to treat a higher volume of wastewater. Please call our engineers at 1-877-742-2878 to discuss the design and your requirements, so that we can help you to develop a highly efficient, trouble-free system.

pH system's options & accessories:

  • Dual and multi-stage neutralization
  • Batch Neutralization
  • HMI/BMS/SCADA interface
  • Bulk chemical transfer for automatic reagent tank make-up
  • Influent and effluent pump lift stations where gravity flow is not an option
  • Flow, pH monitoring, and recording of Neutralization effluent