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pH Adjustment Systems

Continuous and Batch Wastewater Treatment - Assured Compliance Series


pH Adjustment Systems control a pH level in the industrial wastewater treatment by injecting the acidic or basic chemicals to neutralize the pH. The pH adjustment system is one of the important elements for treating wastewater in an industrial facility or laboratory. Each industrial facility or laboratory has an effluent permit that dictates the permissible pH level of the wastewater discharge. The pH neutralization system’s facility requirements depend on the properties of the wastewater you are disposing of, as well as the amount of wastewater your facility processes. The two primary factors for pH neutralization system design are the flow profile and the nature of the waste.

Our Assured Compliance System (ACS) is a prepackaged, skid-mounted pH adjustment system, designed for use as a wastewater treatment process. This pH neutralization system uses our proprietary “hybrid batch technology” to treat continuous flow streams. The pH control system was developed by Burt Process Equipment, a worldwide leader in pH neutralization systems for more than 45 years. The ACS series for pH adjustment accepts a continuous flow of wastewater at flow rates of up to 300 GPM with a pH of 2-12.

Custom System Design with Many Available Options

At Burt Process Equipment, we custom design all our fluid processing equipment to meet the specific demands of your application. For the ACS family of pH neutralization systems, you can choose from single or dual-stage treatment and various other options. This includes influent/effluent pump lift stations, instantaneous and total flow monitors, effluent temperature monitoring, additional diversion storage tanks, HMI/SCADA interface, and a full range of analytical monitors. Bulk reagent transfer is also available.

The Assured Compliance pH Adjustment System Difference

What is wastewater treatment with the Assured Compliance System, and how does it differ from its competitors? The ACS, unlike traditional continuous flow pH adjustment systems, assures a correctly treated waste stream by using freeboard and flow diversion in the event of an out-of-range pH condition. It features a hybrid batch design for gravity flow or pumped effluent discharge and assured compliance control technology. High-efficiency proportional metering pumps, multi-chamber treatment tank, passive equalization chamber, wet-tap with self-cleaning pH probe, and heavy-duty gear mixer are all standard. The ACS series units use recirculation loop reagent injection and offer a large retention volume.

pH Adjustment System documents:

pH Adjustment System Options Include:

  • Single or dual-stage treatment
  • Additional diversion storage tanks
  • Influent/effluent pump lift stations
  • Instantaneous & total flow monitors
  • Effluent temperature monitoring
  • Redundant pH probes
  • Full range of analytical monitors
  • Effluent sampling 
  • HMI/SCADA Interface
  • Bulk reagent transfer 

acs standard features and benefits:

  • Flow rate of up to 300 GPM and a pH of 2-12
  • Assured Compliance Control Technology
  • Passive equalization chamber
  • Multi-chamber treatment tank
  • Heavy-duty gear mixer
  • Recirculation loop reagent injection
  • Recirculation loop flow fault detection
  • Wet-tap with self-cleaning pH probe
  • High-efficiency proportional metering pumps
  • Large out-of-spec. retention volume