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Batch pH Adjustment Systems – Lab Master Series


pH Adjustment Systems are used for effective industrial wastewater treatment in a wide variety of industries, from semiconductors and metal finishing to pharmaceutical manufacturing. Common chemicals that are used for pH adjustment include sodium carbonate (soda ash) and sodium hydroxide. Both can raise water pH closer to a neutral level when they are injected into a water treatment system.

Our Lab Master series of pH adjustment systems are engineered for the hard-to-adjust low ion waste streams frequently found in laboratories and semiconductor facilities that handle chemicals high purity water and chemicals. This system uses a pre-treatment feed system for fast, accurate pH adjustments during a wastewater treatment process, without the need for pH oscillation. If the waste material that you’re processing has a large amount of high purity or deionized water, the Lab Master is an effective pH neutralization system.

The Advanced Design of Lab Master pH Adjustment Systems

What is wastewater treatment with the Lab Master family of pH neutralization systems? This equipment minimizes chemical usage in high purity waste streams by means of a high-efficiency precision metering system. The Lab Master pH adjustment system can be designed to include a pre-treatment chemical feed system, for increasing ion content and reducing reagent usage.

component materials & specifications of pH adjustment system:

  • Treatment Tanks: Heavy-duty reinforced polypropylene
  • Reagent Vessels: HDPE or FRP/HDPE
  • Piping: Fusion welded polypropylene or PVDF
  • Metering Pumps: Proportional control with 100:1 or 1,000:1 turndown
  • Level Controls: Non-contact ultrasonic and float switch options
  • Mixers: All 316LSS wetted construction, optional Halar coating, and vapor tight mounting


Like our other fluid processing systems, the Lab Master unit has many available options, allowing you to custom design your system to meet the special requirements of your facility and application. These options include bulk chemical transfer for automatic reagent tank make-up, HMI/BMS/SCADA interface, dual and multi-stage pH adjustment, batch pH adjustment, and sodium bicarbonate automatic injection system. If gravity flow isn’t an option, you can choose influent and effluent pump lift stations. We also offer monitoring of pH and effluent flow and recording of pH. If you have limited floor space at your facility, there are compact modules available. We provide the ultimate in design flexibility — choose from skid-mounted units, compact lab-style modules or separate component systems.

pH adjustment system options & accessories:

  • Sodium bicarbonate automatic injection system
  • Dual and multi-stage pH adjustment
  • Batch pH adjustment
  • HMI/BMS/SCADA interface
  • Bulk chemical transfer for automatic reagent tank make-up
  • Influent and effluent pump lift stations where gravity flow is not an option
  • Effluent flow and pH monitoring and recording of pH