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chemical feed basics

Q: Why Burt Process Equipment Chemical Feed Systems? 

Burt Process Equipment ChemPlus pre-engineered systems offer a wide range of components options, pump selection and piping arrangements needed to customize chemical injection solution..

  • Wide range of pump technologies (Diaphragm, Gear, Peristaltic, PC, AODD & more)
  • Skid constructed of Polypropylene, HDPE, stainless steel, and FRP
  • PVC, CPVC & PVDF Butt Fusion welded piping options available
  • Custom Control Options Available
  • Simplex, Duplex, Triplex designs & more
  • Complete system fabrication & factory hydrostatic testing

Q: Types Of Applications Chemical Feed Systems Are Used For? 

  • Municipal Water : Disinfection Systems, Sodium Hypochlorite, pH Adjustment, Fluoride Addition
  • Municipal Wastewater : Fume Scrubbers, General Odor Control, pH Adjustment, Residual Disinfectant Management
  • Food & Beverage : Clean-In-Place, Clean-Off-Line, Sterilizer Water Treatment

Q: What Are Some Of The Typical BPE Chemical Feed System Features? 

  • ½” Thick HDPE Construction
  • Wall & Floor Mountable Skid Construction
  • Schedule 80 piping
  • Visual Flow Indications
  • Containment Basin w/ Drip Rim
  • ChemPlus Plaque
  • Piping Labeled w/Chemical Name & Flow Direction
  • Containment Drain w/ Manual Ball Valve
  • Calibration Column sized for minimum of 30-second Draw Down.

Q: What Are Standard Chemical Feed System Configurations? 

Simplex w/ selectable components

Duplex Arrangements include :

  • Redundant piping, suction & discharge
  • Redundant Discharge, Common Suction
  • Lead/Standby, Single Pipe System

Triplex Arrangements include :

  • Redundant piping, suction & discharge
  • Redundant Discharge & Common Suction

Q: What Options Are Available With BPE Chemical Feed Systems? 

  • Flow & Pressure Sensors
  • Conduit Box for Power & Control Signals
  • MA DEP Control Station
  • Splash Guards
  • FRP Shelters
  • Legs/Stands to Elevate inside berm

Q: What Standard Components Used To Construct Chemical Feed Systems? 

  • ChemPlus Plaque
  • Pipe Labeling
  • Visual Flow Indication
  • Vented Ball Valves
  • Clear PVC Y-Strainers

Q: Do You Conduct Any Testing Procedure? If So Do What Type Of Results The Testing Yields For Chemical Feed Systems? 

Documented Factory Testing Includes:

  • 120-Minute Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Pressure Relief Valve Preset & Tested
  • Back Pressure Valve Preset & Tested
  • Pulsation Dampener Charged & Tested
  • Completed Pre-Shipment Check List & Inspection Report