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The ChemPlus Chemical Feed Systems Duplex offers a corrosion-resistant, reliable chem feed skid that features two chemical metering pumps connected to either a common or dual independent inlet and discharge. Duplex chemical feed systems are ideal when metering two separate chemicals into a single process line or tank or the same chemistry, such as sodium hypochlorite, into two different processes. The Duplex ChemPlus is often used as a redundant pump system that provides a continual back-up pump for processes that cannot be shut down for maintenance.

Burt Process draws on over 45 years of experience in specifying and manufacturing chemical processing equipment to provide a chemical metering systems design to meet the most rigorous demands in virtually any water treatment or chemical metering system application. Extensive experience with fluid handling equipment stands behind every Burt Process Equipment system. All systems within the ChemPlus family are shipped on pre-packaged skids and offer the flexibility of chemical metering pump options, including but not limited to any manufacturer of the peristaltic, diaphragm, electronic metering, air-operated double diaphragm, or progressing cavity pumps. The handcrafted polyethylene pre-assembled skids provide the ideal corrosion-resistant, light, compact, and easy-to-maintain system for just about any chemical metering pump application. Also available in Simplex and Triplex configurations.


SYSTEM Options Include:

  • Double Metering Pump (selected by customer or specifying engineer)
  • Calibration Column
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Pulsation Dampener
  • Discharge Pressure Gauge with Diaphragm Seal
  • Visual Flow Indication
  • Pump Controls


ChemPlus System is shipped completely assembled and ready for installation. Pump tubing element is packaged loose for field installation and process line connection. All additional spare parts are packaged in a container bearing labels clearly designating contents and are delivered at the same time as pertaining equipment


Burt Process stands behind every system with a two-year warranty on the metering pump, mechanical drive, pump head & roller assembly. With 45 years of fluid handling experience, Burt Process customers are given the very best service and support in the industry.

additional system options:

  • Flow & Pressure Sensors
  • Conduit Box for Power & Signals
  • MA DEP Control Station
  • Splash Guards
  • FRP Shelters
  • Support Stand/Legs

submittals included with every chem plus system:

  • Shop Drawings
  • Equipment Layout Drawings
  • Pump Data
  • Complete Wiring Diagram
  • Catalogs, bulletins, etc. of the equipment