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Burt Process Equipment's RainEx rainwater reclamation system is the result of forty-plus years of fluid handling and engineered systems experience. Each RainEx system is custom-designed to meet your specific requirements for flow and pressure and to maintain water quality to eliminate negative impacts on people and the environment. 

Burt Process Equipment′s RainEx line of Rainwater Reclamation System provides pre-packaged solutions for storm rainwater recycling problems. Combining skid-mounted tanks, pumps, filtration, sanitization, and electrical controls, the RainEx series gives customers a complete treatment package for use in recycled applications such as irrigation, flushing fixtures, and cooling tower make-up. 

standard features:

  • High-quality piping and valves to meet local plumbing codes
  • Pre-packaged and factory tested design for reduced installation costs
  • Stainless steel or PVC filtration systems
  • Pigmented storage tanks to minimize bacterial growth
  • Sanitization via ultraviolet or chemical injection for flushing fixture use
  • Touch screen and PLC automatic controls for ease of use
  • Optional dye injection for flushing fixtures
  • On-site start-up and training by a factory trained Field Service Technician
  • Optional in-line pH adjustment


                                                                    rainwater reclamation or harvesting systems:

                                                                    Of all the water on earth, 99.7% of it is unusable for human use, being locked in the oceans, ice, and atmosphere. With just a fraction of water available and with the ever-increasing movement towards green technologies water recycling has come to the forefront in building design and integration. Over the past 10 years, these technologies have taken root in municipal, educational, residential, and industrial buildings.  A great deal of this emphasis has come from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) where green building standards are requiring the use of water reduction and water recycling systems. Burt Process Equipment developed the RainEx reclaim system to meet the growing demands of reducing water usage and conserving our natural resources.

                                                                    harvesting systems documents: