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polymer plus s series dry auger


The Dry Polymer Blending Systems 100-S polymer Feeder is designed to feed all types of Polymer; Mannich Polymer at all feed rates. Each Dry Polymer Activation System activates the polymer through the Burt Process Equipment motorless, high energy, patented activation chamber. The metering pump is a progressing cavity type pump. The self-cleaning sight tube allows the operator to see how the system is operating. The patented assembly is operated by the polymer solution as it leaves the system. 

system info of dry polymer blending systems:

In Dry Polymer Blending Systems, Polyductor is a high energy eductor. It was engineered, by Burt Process Equipment, specifically for polymer service. The Polyductor suctions, disperses, and hydrates the polymer. The suction air flow causes the polymer to enter the Polyductor wetting sections with a very high velocity. This results in a finer dispersions and a faster hydration. The dilution water continuously rinses the interior walls to prevent build-up. 


                                                                    polymer documents:

                                                                    available options:

                                                                    • Low Polymer Switch
                                                                    • Flush Timer
                                                                    • Low Dilution Water Flow Alarm
                                                                    • On/Off Auto with Relay
                                                                    • Run Remote Indication
                                                                    • Custom Control Panel