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polymer plus D series liquid activation


The Polymer Blending 100-D Liquid Polymer Activation System is designed for mid-range dewatering polymer feed application. The 100-D Polymer Blending activates all types of polymers through the Burt Process Equipment patented motorless, high energy, activation chamber. The self-cleaning sight tube allows the operator to see how the system is operating. The patented assembly is operated by the blending polymer solution as it leaves the system. 

technical information:

  • The Polymer Plus 100-D Emulsion Polymer Blending System has a solenoid operated diaphragm metering pump.
  • The 100-D Dewatering Polymer System operates with potable or filtered process dilution water at 30 to 100 psi.
  • A water flow switch stops the polymer pump whenever the water flow drops below minimum.
  • The frame is all welded stainless steel. Components are modular and easy toaccess. Basic system dimensions are:15" x 15" x 21" tall.
  • The external injection valve is accessible without disturbing the activation chamber.
  • 100-D Emulsion Polymer Feed System: Operating voltage is 120 VAC. Power consumption is less than 200 watts. 


                                                                    polymer documents:

                                                                    available options:

                                                                    • The 100-D Liquid Polymer Activation Has Low Polymer Switch
                                                                    • It Has Flush Timer
                                                                    • The 100-D Liquid Polymer Activation Has Low Dilution Water Flow Alarm
                                                                    • On/Off Auto with Relay
                                                                    • Run Remote Indication
                                                                    • Custom Control Panel