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pureplus rodi high purity water systems


Burt Process Equipments PURE PLUS Reverse Osmosis DeIonized Water System offers a complete family of High Purity Water Systems. PURE PLUS represents the industry’s most complete line of High purity water generation and distribution equipment in a compact, skid-mounted module. The PURE PLUS RODI Water System line is a result of forty-three years of evolution and Burt process Equipment’s expertise in the application of state of the art equipment and materials for high purity & chemical applications of High Purity Water generation grades include USP, electronic, ASTM/NCCLS/CAP lab and more. 

standard features:

  • High pressure reverse osmosis pressure vessels and performance membranes
  • Deionizers (mixed bed resin and EDI electrodeionization)
  • Pretreatment water softening and carbon treatment
  • Ultrapure storage vessels
  • Fusion welded and sanitary polypropylene and PVDF piping
  • Ultraviolet bacteria and TOC reduction
  • Water quality monitors and integrated control systems
  • PLC based controls with optional web interface


                                                        We have successfully installed ultrapure water systems in the following markets:

                                                        • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
                                                        • Life Science Research Facilities
                                                        • Biomedical and Clinical Laboratories
                                                        • Semiconductor Fabrication Plants
                                                        • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
                                                        • Food and Beverage Processing
                                                        • Metal Finishing Industry
                                                        • Hospitals and Institutions
                                                        • Educational Facilities
                                                        • Power Generation Plants

                                                        options & accessories:

                                                        • City water booster pumps systems
                                                        • Sanitary storage tanks
                                                        • Integral and continuous system sanitization
                                                        • Integral clean in place systems
                                                        • Two pass reverse osmosis systems
                                                        • Sanitary pharmaceutical and electronics grade filter elements
                                                        • Precision controlled nitrogen tank blanketing
                                                        • Ethernet and modem options for remote access
                                                        • Reverse osmosis reject recovery
                                                        • Loop heat exchangers and temperature control