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industrial water recycling system


The system is a combination reclaim and potable water filtration system. This system is utilized in data centers and industrial applications to supplement the cooling water demands. The system is composed of a 40 micron self cleaning low flow backwash filter sized for flows of up to 500 gpm. These filter units are designed for high solids loading and are backwashed with system treated water to allow for zero net use of domestic water to reduce their environmental impact. The filtration unit due to its modular design can stay in operation even while backwashing to mitigate any downtime in the system.

Downstream of the filtration is a high intensity 254nm UV light for bacteria destruction. Operating in the UV-c range is optimal for bacteria destruction. The unit includes over temperature sensors, intensity monitors, as well as pneumatically actuated wiper systems which prevent any fouling of the UV bulbs. The UV option also removes the need for any chemical injection.


                                                                    High pressure stainless steel pumps on VFDs control the flow through the system and prevent water hammer to sensitive downstream components. The system is fully PLC controlled with both BACnet and Ethernet communication to interface with the facility BAS system.