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glycol distribution system


The system is a specialty designed process chilled propylene glycol system with dual pump loops designed for both process chilling and the building chiller plant recirculation and temperature maintenance. The central part of the system consists of a carbon steel ASME rated insulated dual compartment thermal expansion tank. The two compartments are separated by a baffle that allows for overflow to pass between the two compartments. Each section of the tank is connected to specialized magnetic drive pumps for recirculation through their respective loops. Each pump has a PTFE flex connector and vibration isolation system. 

The magnetic drive pumps are designed for low temperature pumping and designed to prevent icing on the pump head. The pumps operate at -13 deg F. at viscosity of 3.854 cp. Each pump utilizes a silicon carbon bushing and neodymium magnets as well as nitrogen purging of the casings to allow them to maintain full efficiency at low temperatures. The pump isolation gate valves as well as suction and discharge plumbing are designed with seals to operate at low temperature.


                                                                    The control system is a custom designed Allen Bradley PLC system with Powerflex VFDs to prevent hammering from the pumps and allow for proper chilled glycol loop control. The PLC communicates with the building automation system over Ethernet as the skid is located remotely near the facility chiller plant.