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filtration skid - fracking recycling


This system was designed in conjunction with a leading resin manufacturer in the oil and gas industry to purify hydrofracking water through molecular adhesion utilizing a multimedia based system. This a fully integrated system which includes a water recycling backwash tank and pump system so no outside water is required for backwashing the system. Designed to be portable and moved from site to site to meet the demands of industries, the unit is completely closed looped. 

The media tank is a (63”x72”) 100psi rated lined FRP vessel. The vessel includes a top mounted CPVC hub and lateral and bottom CPVC hub. A pressure relief valve is included to prevent damage to the system and pneumatically actuated valves and pressure transmitters initiate backwash from the backwash tank and pump system. System includes a VFD driven feed pump and flow control instrumentation to allow for optimal flow through the media system.

                                                            The backwash tank is a pigmented UV stabilized insulated polyethylene vessel with level instrumentation and high pressure stainless steel pump to allow for backwashing with previously treated water. The entire unit is PLC controlled for remote operation.