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chemical make-up & delivery


This custom multistage chemical delivery system for offline chemical transfer in an industrial plating facility is designed for maximum safety to the operators. These fully enclosed and contained extrusion and butt welded polypropylene transfer booths feature chemical drip pans, slip resistant fiberglass grating, acid resistant lighting, and ventilation as well as safety windows. Numerous sensors are installed and warning indicators are located on the inside as well as outside of the unit to prevent entry in the event of a chemical spill.   

The system includes a piping manifold and actuated valves located on the back of the booth for chemical transfer. This piping is both socket welded PVDF and polypropylene as well as CPVC depending on the chemical line or water source. All of this is controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC and HMI located in a NEMA 4X enclosure on the front of unit which is programmed with various recipes and blends for the correct chemical transfer. 

                                                            Inside the unit is a mobile 316 stainless steel and welded PVDF piping manifold which the operator can use for manual transfer. A series of PTFE hoses connect the mobile manifold to the drip proof connections on the bulk chemical lines on the back of the booth to allow for safe manual chemical transfer.