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apollo series atmospheric evaporators


apollo series

Our Apollo atmospheric evaporator systems provide an efficient, simple and low-cost solution to wastewater purification and recycling, while complying with EPA regulations. These atmospheric evaporators are ideal for most any application requiring water evaporation or waste reduction prior to disposal. Originally designed for the printed circuit board, metal finishing and semiconductor industries, these compact, highly engineered evaporator systems are used to concentrate chemical solutions or wastewater so that they can:

  • Recycle electrolytes
  • Concentrate solutions and return to process tanks
  • Reduce problems with waste water and “spent solutions”
  • Save money

See our Apollo evaporator documents for specifications, P&ID drawings, sample systems and layout drawings. You can also learn more about the simple, yet effective, principles of atmospheric evaporators. 


  • Heavy duty plastic construction for superior structural integrity at elevated temperatures.
  • High surface area for maximum performance.
  • Small footprint due to vertical design.
  • Engineered mist eliminator with standard wash down capability for EPA compliance.
  • Recovery of valuable dragout chemistry.
  • Provides cooling for low temperature processes.
  • Eliminates requirement for water discharge permit.
  • Heavy duty industrial blower.
  • Optional heated recirculation tank and heating system.
  • Simple to install, operate and maintain.
  • Low operating and capital costs.


Apollo atmospheric Evaporator includes:

  • Spray Tower (PP, PE, PVC or PVDF)
  • Tower Packing
  • High Efficiency Mist Eliminator
  • Liquid Distributor
  • Industrial Blower
  • Optional Pump (PP, PVDF or CPVC)
  • Optional Stand for Spray Tower
  • Optional Storage Tank and Heat Exchanger

benefits of our atmospheric evaporator systems:

A wastewater evaporator system recovers valuable drag out, and The Apollo can be used to reduce wastewater volume from a storage tank which significantly minimizes hauling costs. You can choose to recycle the concentrate or dispose of it for reduced costs and higher profits. 


atmospheric evaporators systems and environmental compliance

In addition to reduced operating and treatment costs, zero discharge and closed loop systems help manufacturers avoid problems associated with environmental compliance. 

apollo wastewater evaporator options

Burt Process Equipment’s Apollo atmospheric evaporator is available in polypropylene, polyethylene, PVS and PVDF, giving you a wide range of options for many applications. Two standard sizes offer evaporation rates of 5 to 50 gallons per hour. Apollo compact evaporator systems operate with hot water, steam, natural gas, electricity or propane. 

the burt process equipment difference

Since 1970, Burt Process has been a global leader in process equipment, specializing in industrial fluid handling and water treatment. Best-in-the-industry engineers and fabricators will custom design, manufacture, install and service water and wastewater treatments systems, pH adjustment systems, chemical feed systems and high purity, corrosion-resistant equipment through integrated systems. Burt Process also offer a wide range of services, including installation and start-up, component calibration, on-site system upgrades and customized user training.