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Ingersoll Rand W9491 1" Cordless Impact Wrench


Ingersoll Rand W9691. This product is available as the bare tool only or as a set which includes the tool, 4 BL2022 batteries, and a dual bay charger.

2600 Ft-lbs Nut Busting Torque, 2200 Ft-lbs Full Forward Torque, 890 rpm, and an expected 250 fasteners per charge.

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  • With its quick setup and no hoses to trip over, the heavy-duty W9491 1” cordless impact wrench promotes better safety and efficiency. Ingersoll Rand innovation ensures balanced weight, ergonomic D-handle with 360-degree auxiliary handle, and protected IQV20 battery configuration with power for a full day’s work.

    With the Ingersoll Rand 1” cordless impact wrench, you will always have up to 2,600 ft-lbs ready to power and under control.

    • Up to 2,600 ft-lbs of Nut Busting Torque and 2,200 ft-lbs of tightening torque
    • Four power control modes with two featuring automatic shut-off (at 180 & 400 ft-lbs of fastening torque)
    • Integrated Power Control System includes two modes which will stop the tool in SNUG or MID-POWER close the set values listed above

    Reduce setup time up to 15% compared to air tool setups, to get more jobs done in a day. Improve productivity and comfort for your operators with no air hose to carry and plug.

    • 4 power control modes with 2 featuring automatic shut-off at approx. 180 & 400 ft-lbs
    • High torque impact wrench battery leverages existing IQV20 battery platform with enough power for a full day of work
    • Provides superior ergonomics - Both batteries are nestled into the frame of the tool making it less cumbersome to handle


    • IP56-rated for use in tough environmental conditions such as fleet truck maintenance, oil & gas, power generation, and rail industries. That means this battery-powered impact wrench is protected from dust and particles in the air as well as powerful jets of water. That means this battery-powered impact wrench is protected from dust and particles in the air as well as powerful jets of water
    • Impact- and chemical-resistant composite housing stands up to almost all fluids found in maintenance shops or on job sites


    • Up to 250 bolts per charge - Sufficient capacity to tackle all the nuts and bolts in a full day’s work
    • Lowers overall cost of ownership by leveraging your existing battery stock - The W9491 & W9691 uses the same 20V lithium-ion battery used across Ingersoll Rand’s entire line of IQV20 cordless tools
    • *Version with 6" extended(W9691) provides better access in recessed areas and hard to reach applications, and provides up to 3,000 Ft-lbs of Nut Busting Torque