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We offer a wide selection of peristaltic metering pumps. These high-performance peristaltic pumps are designed to handle fluids that are viscous, gaseous and abrasive. A peristaltic liquid pump can be used for pumping either clean or reactive fluids, without the risk of exposing them to contamination from pump components. These pumps isolate the liquid from its environment. A peristaltic pump has many industrial uses, and they are especially well-suited for handling viscous liquids and aggressive chemicals. Read more...

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10 Item(s)

Peristaltics and Peristaltic Pumping

Peristaltic pumps, also known as roller pumps, work by positive displacement. Flexible tubing inside the circular pump casing (this can also be linear, in some cases) contains the fluid. A rotor, with attached rollers, compresses the tube. As it turns, a portion of the tube is pinched closed, which forces fluid through the tube. As this flexible tubing opens to its original state, fluid flow into the pump resumes. This is the process of peristalsis. Usually, there are two or more wipers or rollers that stop up the tube, holding fluid between them, which is then moved toward the outlet of the pump. These pumps can run continuously or may operate through partial revolutions, delivering smaller fluid portions.

Features of Our Peristaltic Metering Pumps

These Peristaltic metering pumps do not contain valves, so they won’t clog. They are also self-priming, even at maximum line pressure. They don’t require bypass valves, and they will not vapor lock or lose prime. Our peristaltic pumping equipment features heavy duty, single-piece plastic rotors with no corrosive parts, heavy duty flexible tubing and a maintenance-free brushless variable speed motor. Other features may include CNC precision machined squeeze rollers and alignment rollers for greater accuracy and long tube life at high pressures, technologically advanced interface with digital touch pad, menu-driven software, and SCADA inputs for remote external speed control and LCD displays. Operators can monitor remote and local control status, input signal, output rate, motor speed, required service notifications and alarm status. Machines can be set up to monitor up to 17 pump functions.

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