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If you have a pumping application that requires a precise flow amount, metering pumps are ideal. They’re highly effective for many different industries and can pump low to high viscosity clean fluids at low to moderate pressures. Metering pumps are positive displacement pumps with fixed volume. Gear pumps are also used for metering applications. The pump’s output is controlled by adjusting the motor speed. These pumps can be used as water treatment chemical feed pumps, and in industries as diverse as biopharmaceutical or food and beverage. Read more...

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16 - 30 of 172

We carry a huge selection of extremely reliable, heavy duty chemical dosing pumps and metering pumps from Grundfos, Pulsatron, Blue White and LMI. Gear pumps from Micropump are sometimes found to be best for metering applications. Are you looking for a high-pressure metering pump? We have many models to choose from.

Grundfos Metering Pumps

Since 1945, Grundfos has been a world leader in pump technology, with more than 16 million pumps sold annually. From Grundfos, we offer mechanical and hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps and technologically advanced digital dosing pumps.

Their SMART Digital S and XL series pumps provide highly accurate chemical dosing for many industries. Their equipment is used in everything from industrial processing in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries to drinking water and wastewater treatment. With advanced drive, adjustment capability and monitoring, the SMART series digital metering pumps are easy to use and built to withstand the most challenging environments.

Grundfos’s SMART Digital S DDA, DDC and DDE, plus the SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE have robust variable-speed motors, a full-PTFE diaphragm and universal power supply. Choose their DDA model when you require maximum reliability for demanding applications. Features include FlowControl and AutoFlowAdapt, pressure monitoring and integrated flow measurement. The DDC series balances price and performance, with easy operation and a graphic display, available in many languages. All standard inputs/outputs and modes of operation can be integrated into your organization’s control system. Their DDE systems are cost-effective, with the same benefits of their Digital Dosing™ technology for smooth and continuous dosing. We also offer the Grundfos DME digital dosing pumps, which offer optimal precision and ease of use.

The Grundfos DMH hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps have a durable design, with double diaphragm leak detection, internal relief valve and duplex option to double capacity. Their DMX series mechanical diaphragm metering pumps, like the DMH models, have a standard diaphragm protection system, leak detection and internal relief valve. They also have an integrated frequency controller and stroke sensor.

Pulsatron and Blue White Metering Pumps

We have a wide variety of Pulsatron metering pumps, from their PULSAtron Series to their MEC-O-MATIC Series VSP variable speed peristaltic metering pumps. PULSAtron pumps feature a guided check valve system with ‘seat and ball’ design to ensure accurate, reliable metering and a long lifespan. They have industrial grade construction for exceptional heat dissipation and pressure handling. The MEC-O-MATIC metering pump dispenser heads are made from chemical resistant polycarbonate, and the pumps have a self-lubricating roller assembly and continuous duty DC motor with speed control. The 2400T Series is designed for dispensing low volumes of liquids, and these pumps are programmable.

Blue White has a range of ProSeries® metering pumps, such as their FLEX-PRO® peristaltic pumps, self-priming units with feed rates of 158.5 GPH and pressures up to 125 PS