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Gear pumps are highly effective for both flooded suction and suction lift applications. The flow rate stays constant through varying pressures. Gear pumps provide higher viscosity and pressure capabilities than centrifugal pumps. We offer a large selection of gear pumps from companies such as Micropump and Oberdorfer, leaders in fluid handling and pump technology.   Read more...

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Micropump GJ Series Gear Pumps

Micropump’s GJ Series gear pumps are designed for high-precision applications. Their magnetically driven gear pumps are compact, with a cavity style and seal-less design, when leak-free operation is of special concern. Benefits of these high-performance pumps include abrasive fluids pumping, chemical resistance and smooth, pulseless delivery. The GJ Series pumps can be ordered with various options, and in standard or OEM configurations. Their GA, GAF and GAH Series pumps feature the company’s suction-shoe design. They self-compensate for wear for nearly zero slip and long pump life. The GB Series magnetic drive gear pump is flexible to meet the needs of a wide range of uses, with a compact size and a choice of materials and options. Their GC Series pumps offer high performance and pulseless delivery in a compact unit. GD Series pumps have a cavity style and provide a system pressure up to 1500 PSI, with easy servicing, chemical resistance and many options. Micropump GL Series pumps are also compact but can tackle challenging fluid handling requirements. They provide smooth, pulseless delivery. GM Series magnetic drive gear pumps handle system pressures up to 1000 PSI, with smooth delivery and chemically resistant materials. The GN Series is small and compact, with easy integration and servicing.

Oberdorfer Bronze Gear Pumps

Oberdorfer gear pumps feature helical gears. What this means is that the gears are cut on an angle to the gear face, which allows for better contact, a greater degree of hydraulic range and a quieter pump. Features include compact close-coupled design, stainless steel shafts, corrosion resistant bronze construction, lubricated carbon graphite bearings, O-ring cover seal for leak protection and nitrile lip seal. They also offer easy field assembly to various motor frames. Certain models have a mechanical seal, and various models can have a direct drive with flexible coupling or be pulley driven. There are other options available for certain models, such as electric clutch.

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