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Our big selection of industrial grade drum pumps includes high performance devices from brands like Lutz, FLUX and Finish Thompson. Drum/Barrel pumps are used to empty tanks, barrels, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and drums in processing and manufacturing plants. These electric drum pumps resemble hand pumps, but they use electrical power to operate, and can transfer a high volume of liquid in a short amount of time. Are you looking for a 55-gallon drum pump? You’ve come to the right place!   Read more...

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Lutz Drum Pumps

Lutz drum pumps, electric powered, can be ordered in a variety of materials to fit the application. Polypropylene and PVDF drum pumps are resistant to damage from acids and alkalis. Aluminum drum pumps allow unrestricted flow of oil and diesel. Stainless steel is recommended for neutral liquids as well as corrosives and is frequently used in food and pharmaceutical industries. Hastelloy C is highly resistant to the most aggressive alkalis and acids. Lutz drum pumps come with mechanical seals or as seal-less models. There are models for non-flammable or flammable liquids, pumps that provide complete drum drainage and pumps for mixing and pumping. You’ll also find a large assortment of genuine Lutz drum pump parts.

FLUX Drum Pumps

FLUX drum pumps are designed for various low-viscosity as well as highly flammable and aggressive fluids. These axial-impeller pumps have a modular design, which allows the same motor to drive different pumps, and they deliver pulsation-free pumping. The pumps are lightweight, so they can be easily moved between containers. They are available with or without a mechanical seal, and there are models with higher pumping heads as well as mixing pumps.

Finish Thompson Drum Pumps

The drum pumps from Finish Thompson are available in various styles to meet specification requirements. The PF High Performance series, for container-to-container transfer of chemicals, corrosives and acids, features a double suction impeller for high flow and high head. EF Economy pumps have dual speed adjustable motors and are lightweight and economical. TT Mid-Performance pumps are for light to medium viscosity fluids and are perfect for liquids that contain solvents or small particulate. HVDP High Viscosity pumps can handle viscous fluids up to 100,000 centipoise and feature heavy duty HVDP with material and mechanical seal options. BT High Viscosity drum pumps have a sealed design and stainless-steel tubes, built to handle high viscosity liquids. The TM Drum Mixer is a 4-blade turbine drum mixer designed for solvents, mild corrosives or flammables with light to medium viscosity. TB Mid-Performance pumps are sealed, lightweight economy models, made for low to medium viscosity solvents, mild corrosives and chemicals. They have a variable orifice discharge for greater flow control.

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