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Discover a huge selection of high performance diaphragm pumps and replacement pump parts. From industry leaders, we offer reliable, high performance water and chemical transfer pumps, in addition to pumps for other liquid materials. To narrow down the many choices, search by maximum flow range, maximum pressure range, diaphragm material, housing material, inlet size and solids handling capability. Whether you need an FDA compliant pump, metallic water diaphragm pump, electronic interface pump, ratio high pressure pump or another type, you’ll find the perfect solution for your application.   Read more...

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Electronic Interface Diaphragm Pump

An electronic interface pump is an air-operated diaphragm pump that can be used for electronically controlled, accurate dosing. Use it with a controller for perfect control and consistent flow rates. Features of our electronic interface diaphragm pumps may include built-in solenoid control that integrates with other electronics, factory-installed leak detection and cycle counter kits, preassembled components for easy installation, fewer parts, lube-free design and multiple sizes to accommodate many different processes and fluids.

Double Diaphragm Pump

A double diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump that allows fluids to only move in one direction. These pumps are made for general use, and are appropriate for many liquids, from clean with light viscosity to abrasive and corrosive with medium viscosity. They can also transfer relatively large particles without a problem. Pump cycling starts as air pressure is applied. We have pumps that are compact and available in a variety of corrosion resistant materials for challenging applications. Other features of our double diaphragm pumps include a high efficiency motor, patented “unbalanced” air valve for no-stall operation, leak-free bolted construction and easy maintenance and repair. A pneumatic pump can be safely used in areas that are potentially explosive. In addition to high-quality industrial diaphragm pumps, we also stock a large array of original manufacturer pump parts. This includes screws, handles, brackets, shims, lock nuts, inlet manifolds and much more.

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